Issues I'm running on 

Public Safety

This is a multifaceted issue that needs to be prioritized. In a day in age where people argue that we need to abolish the police, I believe that we need more police, not less. Hiring more police is not enough though. We need more Judges to hear cases, a jail that has greater capacity, and services to avoid reoffending. Addressing the drug epidemic, the homeless situation, and mental health will also make our communities safer, and will get at the root of the problem.

Our Children

Our kids are our most precious treasures. These kids that we are raising, will be running the world some day. We need to ensure that they  are equipped with the knowledge and abilities to lead productive lives. They need to be proficient in their academics, to be competitive in our global markets. Our children also need quality care in their formative years of life, whether that care is from a stay at home mom or a childcare facility. It is much easier and cheaper to raise healthy kids versus repairing broken adults.

Small Business

Small business is the lifeblood of our economy. When money is spent at a small business, more of that money stays within our community, increasing the local flow of goods. By working with the Small Business Administration, we have increased financing limits to help businesses who need access to SBA funding. I will continue to fight against any barriers to entry into the local economy, that would be logical.